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Build beautiful customer-facing applications powered by Looker (and do it super fast and without an engineer)

We all know how powerful Looker can be for modeling your data.  Its “explore” capability is an absolute killer feature and why so many companies choose it for their data platform. Looker is also a platform for companies who want to build customer-facing applications with Looker under the hood.

There are lots of reasons why you may want to share your data using a custom data application. That’s where White Label Data comes in.  Using White Label Data, Looker customers can now build beautiful, fully customized data applications faster than ever before and without engineers. The platform by Hashpath lets you rapidly create custom, branded data applications on top of your Looker visualizations and Looker models using a low-code approach.

At Hashpath, we were tired of having to reinvent the wheel for each customer that wanted a custom app on top of Looker. We decided to write a platform that made it easier.  By easier, we mean that anyone who can work with Looker and LookML should be able to create a data application. We use White Label Data for our own clients, and we also decided to document the interfaces and allow others to build using this platform as well.

In minutes you can…

  • Spin up a new data application – White Label Data automates creating an application that includes authentication, navigation, user personas, filters, and visualizations — without writing any code.
  • Brand your app – Add your logo, colors, and styles
  • Embed Looker iFrames – White Label Data takes care of securely embedding Looker iFrames into your pages

  • Configure Basic Navigation – Organize your pages into categories and create links between pages or links from LookML.

In hours you can…

  • Layout your pages like regular web pages – Go beyond drag and drop of tiles to create a rich UI experience.  Add obvious things like tabs, card layouts, or any custom HTML markup that you might want.

  • Create different personas – Give a unique experience to each user that logs in by presenting different pages to different users or by filtering data within a page using user attributes.  Connect White Label Data user profiles to LookML using liquid variables.
  • Add Native Visualizations – iFrames are great and all, but somewhere along the way you may decide you want a more native visualization experience for your users.  White Label Data also integrates with powerful Javascript libraries such as Plotly and Mapbox GL to create native visualizations on top of the Looker API.  Check out how many chart options there are with Plotly.  And you don’t need to write any Javascript code to use them.  
  • Create filters on your page – Add native HTML filters that update visualizations and iFrames.

With more time you can…

  • Create Custom Visualizations – Write your own HTML visualizations using data returned from the Looker API.  Create custom tables and tiles, or build more advanced visualizations using Javascript.
  • Use the Power of Python – White Label Data automatically places Looker API results in Pandas DataFrames and lets you write custom Python transformations from there.  Anything is possible.

It’s now easier than ever to create a Powered By Looker data application without hiring a software developer or writing a lot of code. Any user can create fully branded data applications with authentication, navigation, and user-specific views without writing any code. If you want to get started, send us a message at hello@hashpath.com.

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