Focus Areas: Custom Apps with Looker and dbt Modeling

We thought it was a good time for a brief update on Hashpath.  In addition to focusing on traditional BI consulting, we are seeing strong growth in our other area of speciality, namely customer-facing analytics with our White Label Data product.  Our bets on Looker and dbt have been paying off, with strong enthusiasm for these products from our customers. 

We wanted to share some of the key areas of our consulting business that make us excited to come to work every day.  We’ve been in these spaces for a while, but are just finally getting some marketing copy on our website about these areas.  Let us know what you think!

Custom Applications With Looker 

Hashpath specializes in creating enterprise-grade, Powered by Looker applications — quickly. We can help you productize, monetize, or share your data by building a custom application using Looker’s advanced data platform.

We help customers break out beyond the traditional dashboard. Examples of this include: 

  • Assisting with all the app-building essentials related to querying, filtering, embedding, and securing Looker from your data application 
  • Creating a standalone, branded data application
  • Building a highly customized, interactive visualization
  • Building specific custom features beyond simple data visualizations

The Looker platform is unique in that it’s truly a platform. This means that companies extend all the features and functionally of LookML to build highly interactive and custom data applications.

We know the Looker APIs inside and out and build customer user experiences. 

The last mile of creating data apps is always the hardest.  You want your data to feel like your data.  You want to control the user experience to give your customers what they want. With our expertise, we can help you raise the “user experience bar” beyond a traditional dashboard, while harnessing the full power of Looker.

Modeling in dbt

Is your data easy to query and ready to visualize?  If your data is disorganized and messy, your approach to data transformations is probably complicated too. Perhaps you depend on a separate data engineering team to transform your data.  Maybe it involves complicated workflow tools that are inaccessible to you. 

However, in order to truly create leverage using data, it’s critical to focus on the data model.  A better data model means faster and better answers to questions about your business for you and your customers. Too often, ad-hoc and highly complex queries drive analytics.

At Hashpath, we help you architect your data stack to separate the Extract and Load process from the Transform process.  This means using an ELT approach rather than an ETL approach so that you are free to craft and refine transformations easily.   

We specialize in using a development environment called dbt, which allows anyone who can write SQL to create transformations between raw data sources and your own data model.  And it all happens within your data warehouse.

Hashpath and dbt can help with:

  • Designing a data model that enriches the value of your data
  • Transforming the data into a format optimized for analytics 
  • Moving business logic to a controlled and tested environment, ensuring user queries are accurate and reflect business realities
  • Optimizing query performance with a well structured schema

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