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Data Analytics

ETL vs. ELT: Why Choose If You Can Use Keboola

We often recommend ELT solutions like Matillion and FiveTran to our customers as powerful tools for moving data into their warehouse from lots of sources and being able to transform that data to find useful insights. These tools have worked

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Four Ways to Model Your Data in Chartio

Chartio is a cloud-based visualization tool for building charts and interactive dashboards. If you’ve used it before you know it’s a powerful tool with a drag-and-drop interactive mode as well as a SQL mode for making visualizations. If you’ve built

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Why your organization may need a Data Product Manager

If your organization doesn’t have a “Data Product Manager”, it might be time to start thinking about hiring one full-time. If you’re not quite ready, hiring a “fractional” data product manager may make sense. McKinnsey states that organizations should “treat

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