Four Ways to Model Your Data in Chartio

Chartio is a cloud-based visualization tool for building charts and interactive dashboards. If you’ve used it before you know it’s a powerful tool with a drag-and-drop interactive mode as well as a SQL mode for making visualizations. If you’ve built

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Why your organization may need a Data Product Manager

If your organization doesn’t have a “Data Product Manager”, it might be time to start thinking about hiring one full-time. If you’re not quite ready, hiring a “fractional” data product manager may make sense. McKinnsey states that organizations should “treat

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Do more with Hubspot data

We’re attending Inbound 2019 this week so Hubspot data has been top of mind.  We help clients work with Hubpost in a variety of ways. Here are a few ways you could be doing more with your Hubspot data. 1.

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